Professional Services

Consulting/Systems Design

Aventura’s staff is made up of some of the security industry’s most seasoned, technical engineering and design professionals specializing in enterprise system development. Our security professionals apply their past experiences and knowledge in their particular fields. Their expertise is an asset to any project, providing the ability to conduct more comprehensive risk analyses starting with physical security then applying technology.

Professional Engineering Services

Aventura’s expansive professional services result in meeting customer objectives and requirements. Our motto of end-to-end solutions carries through to engineering process from concept to completion. We produce consistent results in the most challenging of locations by utilization of superior and technically advanced methodologies for architecture and design.

Quality Control & Assurance

At Aventura “quality control” is at the core of all services and products delivered to the client and the mantra of our employee body. In manufacturing and design we apply well known business process management methodologies such as Six Sigma, Kaizen, ISO and CMMI. Project management programs follow a similar objective whereby project managers and teams inspect the accomplished work to ensure its alignment with the project scope and customer expectations.

Strategic Planning

We analyze and evaluate an organization’s security manpower needs and develop appropriate control solutions using combinations of security management, investigative personnel and in-house and outside guard service personnel.

Program & Project Management

With project and organizational maturity, Aventura has honed its management processes from concept to completion. Our seasoned Project Management Professionals lend their expertise to our clients from minimal duration, basic projects to complex, enterprise-level, mission critical initiatives with lifecycle support.

Life Cycle Support

Customers turn to Aventura to enhance their life cycle and logistics support program performance. As a leading global designer, developer, manufacturer and integrator of end-to-end security solutions we provide stakeholders a level of comfort knowing we possess the knowledge across a broad cross-section of solutions.