Since 1999, Aventura Technologies, Inc. has developed a reputation for being an innovative designer, developer and manufacturer of security hardware, software and peripheral products for government, military and enterprise since 1999. Aventura is headquartered in New York, USA with facilities worldwide. The Company is a true “single-source” manufacturer providing end-to-end hardware and software solutions, which can also interoperate seamlessly with a myriad of third-party products.

Aventura works closely with its technology and integration partners from the design-consulting phase through implementation, integration, training and lifecycle support. Our solutions can be seen globally from local commercial operations to sensitive government and military locations. Aventura’s philosophical perspective is education is paramount and adopts the view of high levels of training and technology transfer. A knowledgeable customer is our most valuable asset; which mitigates risk.

Solution Providers

Although Aventura designs many “off-the-shelf” open standards, hardware and software solutions, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. Solutions require interoperability; interoperability means, adapting, regardless of whether Aventura components or those of our partners or competitors. Aventura prides itself on being a single source for custom security hardware and software development in addition to integration.

Our People

Security has evolved over the last decade from basic analog black-box devices to sophisticated intelligent technologies with advanced interoperability having to address dynamic real-time threats. In the high-tech world 6 months can be a lifetime with the rapid transitioning leaving many legacy providers with limited ability to keep up with the culture. Aventura is and has been a true “IT” technology company from its inception.

The management teams of Aventura and its partners are seasoned industry veterans from intelligence, defense, datacom and security backgrounds and sit on various standards committees. Having such a broad base of knowledge assists us in understanding customer environments and challenges in the real world.

Industry Pioneers

Pioneering is accomplished by constant analysis of technological problems and trends.  Aventura presents itself to its clients as security psychiatrists. Analyze the problems from their root cause and we solve them using the latest future-proof technologies out of the Aventura global laboratories and those of our partners. This philosophical approach has resulted in Aventura pioneered cutting edge, best-in-class solutions.


  • CCTV

  • Access Control

  • X-Ray/Scanners

  • PA/Intercom

  • Perimeter Intrusion

  • Barriers/Bollards

  • Turnstiles

  • Under Vehicle Surveillance

  • Ground Based Radar

  • Command Centers


  • Video Management
  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Command & Control

  • Number Plate Recognition

  • Face Recognition

  • Video Content Analytics

  • Mass Notification

  • Dispatch

  • PSIM

  • Custom Development


  • Systems Integration

  • System Design

  • Architecture & Engineering

  • Strategic Planning

  • Vulnerability Assessments

  • Information Assurance
  • Program Management
  • Life Cycle Maintenance
  • Training & Support

  • Government Compliance